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  • SMP Negeri 2 Tuban | Sekolah Adiwiyata Mandiri | Sekolah Ramah Anak | Sekolah Penggerak Kabupaten Tuban | Bereligi, Berkreasi, Berkarakter Lingkungan, dan Berkebangsaan


Terbit : Senin, 27 Februari 2023

By : Ummu Nisa Cahyani (VIII-D)

Saturday at 25 February 2023 my friends and I got together and had a briefing at school at 20.00-20.30 p.m to prepare for going to Jogjakarta . This programme is called by Literacy study and the participants are all the students who are in the eight grade. We were given motivation and regulation by our teachers as our coaches during the travelling, and we all prayed for safety until we reached our destination.

At 20.30 p.m we were on the bus in preparation for leaving for Jogjakarta, on the way we all sang to enjoy our travelling and to entertain ourselves.
At 04.30 a.m we arrived at the Prambanan mosque for morning praying, having breakfast and taking a rest for a while, before going to the next dextination.

At 05.30 a.m , before going to have a trip to elo river adventure ,we didn’t forget to take pictures, and at 06.30 a.m , we left to go rafting on the elo river.
At 06.30-10.30 a.m, we all did rafting on the Elo river, at the first we felt scared, but after a while we felt very happy and very exciting.

After having rafting at Elo river at 10.30-12.00 a.m, we got ready for the trip to R.M. Pondok Cabe Simanjuntak for lunch there. After that at 13.00-14.30 p.m, we traveled to the Cordella Hotel in Malioboro Jogjakarta and didn’t forget to stop by to buy Jogja’s special souvenirs, namely Bakpia.

At 15.30 p.m, we arrived at the cardella malioboro hotel. The hotel is really near to the Marlioboro area. We were very happy because the hotel is very nice and comfortable resort to stay in. Arriving there we took a rest and arranged our luggage in the hotel room.

After resting for a while, at 16.30 p.m, we had dinner at the hotel, after having dinner my roommates and I went out for a walk to Malioboro, there were lots of various  shops, ranging from clothes shops, food, drinks and so on.

At 20.00 p.m,we returned to the hotel to take a rest and sleep for the night since there was raining hard in Malioboro area so my clothes were wet on the way to the hotel. The teacher said that we must go to bed earlier and not to make a noise in the hotel. But we could not sleep because my roommates told some stories about our experience. I immediately cooked noodles to warm up and continue to sleep.

At 05.30 a.m,I woke up to pray and arranged all the clothes. Next I took a bath and prepared to have breakfast with my roommates in the first floor at the hotel.

After that my friends and I packed up all the stuff to prepare for the next trip and checked out of the Cardella hotel about at 10.00 o’clock. The teachers said that we must check our stuff and do not leave everything in the hotel anymore.

At 10.00-11.30 a.m,  we traveled to R.M Bale Wukir for lunch and continued the journey to  MJAK Merapi. We were at MJAK Merapi to explore the mass graves of the eruption of Mount Merapi, there were the remains of animal bones that were victims of the eruption, and there were many belongings of former residents who were victims of this eruption

At 15.30-17.00 p.m, we traveled to the heha sky view, we arrived there with happiness. The view was very beautiful, there were lots of various food and drink shops. There was so many visitors so the situation was crowded and it made us difficult to take some pictures with my friends.

At 20.00 p.m, we continued our journey to go to Wedang Kopi Merapi for dinner. After that, we continued our journey back to the departure city and we arrived at the Tuban City as an our  departure city at 02.30 a.m.

I’m really very grateful that I was able to arrive safely at my destination without anything happening. My feelings during this Literacy study was very happy.My friends felt that they wanted to repeat it again, because they could play water with all their friends. Likewise when at MJAK Merapi, my friends
and I were also very happy because we could see and felt the beautiful and cool natural scenery, we could also play in the water using jeeps, as well as others. Hopefully, someday we could go to Yogyakarta again, a beautiful special district.

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