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Terbit : Rabu, 29 Maret 2023

Study Literacy To Yogyakarta

Oleh : Gustaf Qabil Dhamiri (8F)

Hello everyone, introducing my name is Gustaf Qabil Dhamiri, I will share my pleasant experience yesterday when I went to Jogjakarta with Grade 8 students of Junior High School of Tuban to study literacy. it all started when I was at home preparing the items that I would take with me for a trip to Jogjakarta, after all the items were prepared I put them in my bag.
at 17.00 I started heading to school, at school I also talked with my friends to wait for the bus to come, after the bus arrived all grade 8 students were gathered in the middle of the field to be briefed and prayed before leaving, after the briefing all students were told get on the bus and put their belongings in the bus garage in turn,
After everything is finished the bus starts to leave for the location it will go to, namely Yogyakarta, the travel time is approximately around 7 to 8 hours.
I sat with my classmate named Syafiq. he is very very exciting, funny, and loves to joke. during the trip too many children volunteered to sing so that the travel time would not be boring, after the children had fun on the bus everyone started to fall asleep because the sky was starting to show night time.
Only half way through the bus suddenly stopped at the toll road rest area, and the children woke up and I woke up too. I got off the bus to look for the bathroom and after I was like I was looking for a minimarket, at the minimarket I shopped for things in the form of snacks for snacks on the way so it wouldn’t be boring, from the minimarket I returned to the bus and the bus started traveling again.

Breakfast In Sekar Kedhaton Restaurant

After a long journey, the bus arrived at the Sekar Kedhaton restaurant at 04.30, where all the students got off to perform the morning prayer at the mosque. the children went in to eat before heading to the rafting place after everyone had finished eating the party from elo rafting came to do checking and briefings, we were also invited to exercise as a warm-up so we wouldn’t get sleepy on the way, also taking pictures with the coaches.

In Elorivers Adventure/Elo Rafting

Public transportation started arriving with rubber boats placed on top of the numbers. The children were told to take turns getting on the public transportation.
When traveling from the Sekar Kedhaton restaurant to elo rafting I also enjoyed the view of the city of Magelang, after arriving at the Elo River we were told to wear safety equipment such as helmets and life jackets, after everyone arrived we were lined up for a briefing before going down to the river and boarding the boat rubber boats, where we are taught how to hold the dipper and sit properly while in the rubber boats, after everything is explained the children are told to take turns going down to the river to get on the rubber boats, the children are told to sit under the rubber with their roommates, one boat rubber can accommodate 5 people, 1 professional rower and 4 visitors.
there I boarded the last boat, even though I was still happy and was able to catch up with my friends who had boarded first, there I went along the Elo River for 10 km accompanied by a professional rower, and it turned out that the professional rower was very fun to joke with so that the four of us in a room were not bored when rowing to catch up with friends who had gone down the river first, there we passed through a very fast river current and our clothes were all wet because we were hit by a very fast water current which collided with the rubber boat lining, in the middle on our journey we stop somewhere to drink very fresh coconuts so that our stamina and physique don’t run out while rowing 10 km, another excitement is when we meet each other’s boats, we splash each other, after we go down the river elo, we also arrived at the last stop, after arriving at the place the last stop we went up again to find the angkot that we were riding earlier, after meeting the cabbage we went back to the Sekar Kedhaton Restaurant, there was more excitement when riding the cabbage, because the cabbage was going fast without the slightest scrambling, and finally we arrived again at Sekar Kedhaton restaurant.
after arriving at the Sekar Kedhaton restaurant at around 10.30, at Sekar Kedaton we were told to take a bath/clean up because we were already wet, after everyone finished bathing and the students checked their belongings, the students waited for a while to prepare for the bus to go, after all the bus was ready to go.

Lunch In RM. Pondok Cabe Simanjutak

Continue the journey to RM. Pondok Cabe Simanjuntak, after 12.00 the bus arrives at RM. Pondok Cabe Simanjuntak, to fill the stomach because it has been rafting for about 2-4 hours, when everyone has finished eating, the children start to get back on the bus again , everything was on board and the bus continued on to the Cordella Hotel, while on the way the bus stopped briefly at the Jogjakarta souvenir center, namely Bakpia Pathok 25, there many children came down to buy these souvenirs for families in Tuban , and I also bought 2 premium products from Bakpia Pathok 25. After everyone finished shopping, the students got on the bus again to continue their journey to Hotel Cordella.
Check in at Cordella Hotel
Arrived at 14.30 at the Cordella Hotel, then packed up the items that were in the trunk of the bus, after everything was finished the students started checking in to choose their respective rooms and I got a room between numbers 505-512 which was on the 5th floor.
After check-in, my roommate and I started to occupy the room that had been determined and put the things I had taken from the luggage of the bus. At the hotel, we were given (free) time to rest from 16.30 to 22.00, 17.00 the students were told to take the dinner box in the hotel lobby, after taking dinner, I spent time with my roommates, by playing games together, joking together, and eating snacks together, also enjoying the city of Jogjakarta through the hotel room window, when the sky started dark.
Go for A Walk At Malioboro
Me and my friend started leaving the hotel to go to Malioboro, when I arrived at Malioboro there we walked around on foot enjoying the atmosphere of Malioboro, and I also bought a snack in the form of ice cream at Mixue, there were many clothes shops and food shops, actually there was a spot for food vendors in Maliobor, namely entering a gate whose architectural design is like buildings in China, but I didn’t have time to enter it because it was getting late, after walking around Malioboro at 20.00 I started to return to the hotel again to rest and I slept around 22.00.
Check out from the hotel
At 04.30 I started to wake up from my sleep to perform the prayer, namely the dawn prayer, after the dawn prayer I waited for breakfast time, which was 06.00 which was provided by Hotel Cordella. After I waited a while, finally breakfast arrived and I immediately rushed down to the Cordella Hotel restaurant. After I finished eating, I immediately rushed back to the hotel room. In fact, many children were waiting before checking out of the hotel by walking. walking in Malioboro, but I’m lazy to get off and prefer to stay at the hotel with my roommates. I spent the waiting time packing and putting the things I had taken out into my bag so that when check out time came, I just had to leave the room and go down to the hotel lobby. at 10.00 all students were ordered to go down to the hotel and be collected to take pictures with their respective classes, after taking pictures all the children were told to put their belongings in the trunk of the bus and then get on the bus immediately, after all that was done the bus started to continue its journey to Omah Oblomg.

Arrive To Omah Oblong Jogjakarta

We arrived at the location where the Jogjakarta oblong house was made, we were explained how the manufacturing process and the packaging process were before it was sold to the Omah Oblong shop, there we also explained that Omah Oblong had received a MURI record, because he once made giant clothes which were still stored neatly until Now.
After being explained and taking pictures together we were told to enter the shop and see the process of making Omah Oblong T-Shirts, we were also explained that cars have three products. After going inside I started looking around looking for suitable clothes to wear or buy,
I bought one shirt for myself, after I finished buying the T-shirt or Omah oblong product I also got a voucher for 1 free drink for every purchase, I also wore the voucher was to buy a drink in the form of cold tea, after that I waited for my other friends to come out of Omah Oblong, by playing on a swing with my friends named Yoga and Febri or their nickname is Memet. After everything was done shopping and taking pictures, all boarded the bus to continue the journey to the Bale Wukir Restaurant.
Lunch In Bale Wukir Restaurant
after about an hour and a half of travel we arrived at this Bali Wukir restaurant, when I got off the first thing I did was pray the noon prayer first, after finishing the prayer I immediately took food, to fill my stomach. after I finished eating I went back to the bus, to wait for the driver to get ready to continue the trip to the Merapi tour, after we finally waited a few minutes, the bus driver started to continue the journey again to the Merapi tour, only about 15 minutes travel time.
Arrive To Merapi Lava Tour
finally we arrived at the place we were going to, namely the Merapi Tour there we were told to line up for a briefing and group photo, after that the 8th grade students started to ride their respective jeeps which had been provided by the committee committee, after all the jeep rides started to climb to the foot of Mount Merapi, while on the trip I really enjoyed the natural beauty that was still intact on Mount Merapi, the trip was very exciting because the jeep turned when it was fast and my friends almost fell but that didn’t happen because there was an iron that held the rear passengers while standing. after our trip we arrived at the treasure museum there we were shown objects or objects that had been affected by the eruption, there were also many objects that melted because they were exposed to very hot eruption ashes, there were also cow bones on display in front of the museum I rather I was surprised because the eruption ashes were very hot and could melt objects around it.
After I went around the museum, I climbed again on the chip and continued my journey to a higher area. After arriving at that place, I took pictures with my classmates. a memento photo when we all returned to Tuban.
after arriving at that place we were immediately directed to go down and directed to a field or road that had water and we passed the road very fast until finally water splashed on our clothes, our clothes were wet and dirty, after circling on the watery road, we returned to the initial departure point, after arriving at the initial departure point I immediately changed my pants because they were exposed to dirty water. after everything arrived at the start of departure there were people who sold our photos during the tour and had to buy them for IDR 15,000, after everything was ready we continued the journey to Heha Sky

Arrived To Heha Sky View
Finally we arrived at this place, everyone went down and lined up to calculate the number of tickets that the tour agency would pay, there I enjoyed the sunset view of the city of Jogja and also saw the view of the city of Jogja from the top of the mountain, there were also many visitors because of the place which is good to use as a spot for taking pictures, there I also bought one food, namely gelato ice cream so I wouldn’t get bored there, there I also took pictures with the teachers of SMP Negeri 2 Tuban, after walking around and waiting for almost 2 hours there we were told to take the bus again to the restaurant for dinner, the travel time around the restaurant took 1 hour from Heha

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