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Kamis, 20 Jun 2024
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  • SMP Negeri 2 Tuban | Sekolah Adiwiyata Mandiri | Sekolah Ramah Anak | Sekolah Penggerak Kabupaten Tuban | Bereligi, Berkreasi, Berkarakter Lingkungan, dan Berkebangsaan

Fun Ways to Learn English Fathul Muin Principal of SMPN 2 Tuban

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Usually, people think that textbooks are the only source of learning English. In fact, one thing they don’t know is that there are actually many fun ways to improve your English skills.

  1. Do you like reading? Come on, get used to reading books in English
    This way of learning English is really suitable for those of you who like to read. However, if you really want to learn English, you might want to step up your game. First, you can start by buying English books. Second, the best way to learn English is to find out the meaning of new vocabulary and sentences you don’t understand. Doing so will enrich your knowledge of various vocabulary and sentences in English, ranging from the very simple to the very complex.
  2. Watch English films or sitcoms
    Reading a book makes you sleepy? Don’t worry, there is an activity that is guaranteed not to make you sleepy. You can watch English films or sitcoms. This is the right alternative for those of you who don’t like reading but still want to learn English in a fun way. However, to learn English this way, you have to pay close attention to the conversations in the film or sitcom of your choice.
  3. Invite your friends to play scrabble
    Scrabble is a game that involves two to four people competing in forming English words with small lettered squares on a game board. Playing scrabble is a fun and effective way to enrich your English vocabulary. In this game, you will feel challenged to form a number of words in English with the series of letters you have.
  4. Listen to English songs and sing them For you music lovers, has it ever crossed your mind that a song could be a resource for learning English? You can be fans of English music and as you know, understanding the meaning of song lyrics in English is not easy. However, those songs encouraged us to explore the meaning of the English lyrics contained in our favorite songs. As a result, we come to know the meaning of the sentences in English which are in the form of song lyrics.
  5. Look for opportunities to communicate with native speakers
    Wow, this way of learning English is definitely unrivaled. Communicating with native speakers, or the cool term is native speakers is the best way to practice your English. You must be thinking about ways to communicate with native speakers now, right? You can go the tourism spots where they have foreign visitors. Just keep practicing.
  6. Joining English Club
    One of the main benefits of joining an English Club is improving your English language skills. Through the activities held by the English Club, you can improve their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills in English.
  7. Learning English from Stories
    Choosing story books that are appropriate to your age and English language skills. For young children, choose short stories, with colorful illustrations and large print letters. It would be even better if the story contained a good moral message for children. For teens, you may choose stories about adventures, horrors, friendship, humors, moral stories, and many other fiction and non-fiction stories. You can find them from youtube and learn either pronunciation, intonation, listening, or speaking skills.

English has become a universal language in today’s modern world and provides many benefits when learning English. Therefore, learning English is very important for students. English not only helps students communicate with people from various countries, but also provides many other benefits. (Fathul Muin)

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